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All controlled and uncontrolled damages to our skin heal with scar tissue. Scar tissue that occurs after damage to our face due to reasons such as acne and trauma can sometimes be at a level that affects people's social lives. This pushes people to seek some treatment. It is a detail that should not be forgotten during the treatment that scar tissues formed on the skin cause adhesions under the skin. Scar treatment is carried out in two stages. The first stage is to open the adhesions under the skin by mechanical means; This process is called subcision. The second stage is to trigger organized collagen synthesis by destroying the disorganized collagen tissue formed in the skin. This can be achieved mechanically with a dermapen or with some enzymatic solutions. After disorganized collagen is destroyed, new collagen synthesis can be achieved with mesotherapy. Each stage of this process takes approximately 30 minutes and the total
The processing time corresponds to 1 hour. When the treatment is completed, the skin surface can be smoothed with chemical peeling.

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