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  • We can call the deformity that occurs as a result of the excessive production of melanin pigment, which gives our skin its color, a skin spot. Excessive exposure to sunlight after applications that increase skin sensitivity, and some stress factors such as pregnancy and psychological traumas can be counted among the most common causes of skin blemishes. The aim of spot treatment is to suppress melanin production and remove excess produced melanin from the environment.

  • Mesotherapy treatment is one of the most successful and frequently applied methods in spot treatment. It is possible to suppress the blemish by injecting some products created for this purpose into the skin with appropriate needles. The stain is not a condition that can be completely treated. It is possible to suppress and keep it under control in certain periods. Applying mesotherapy treatment would be the best approach to suppress blemish problems that tend to increase from time to time. Combining mesotherapy and chemical peelings in suitable patients will enable us to obtain more successful results.

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