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  • The chin area differs between men and women. An oval-looking, soft and voluminous chin is very important for a lively and harmonious facial appearance in women. It is very important for men to have a more angular, distinct and sharply defined chin. Some changes that occur congenitally or with aging may cause this appearance to disappear. With aging, the skin and cheek fat tissues sag and the saturation under the chin disappears. And the angle with the submandibular tissue changes. Filling both mariaonette lines and under the chin allows the jawbone to shape forward and create a more beautiful appearance.

  • Jawline filling, whose popularity has increased with recent developments, is the popular name of the filling process applied from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin. Generally, the reduction of the masseter muscle with the application of botulinum toxin has become a more satisfactory procedure with higher patient satisfaction.

  • In patients who underwent lower jaw filling, a flattening of the lower contour of the chin and improvement in marionette lines may be observed due to this application.

  • During the application, filler injection is made under the skin and on the bone with the appropriate cannula and appropriate needles in the area from the corner of the chin to the tip of the chin.

  • After the area is anesthetized with local anesthesia creams, 1 to 6 cc of filler must be used depending on the patient's condition. It is necessary to decide how much filling the patient needs during the preliminary examination. The patient can return to his/her daily life very quickly after the procedure.

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