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  1. What is Medical Aesthetics?

    • Definition of medical aesthetics

    • Differences between medical aesthetics and traditional aesthetics

    • Popular medical aesthetic applications

  2. Medical Aesthetics Training

    • The importance of medical aesthetics education

    • Components of medical aesthetics training programs

    • Who should receive medical aesthetics training?

  3. Basic Medical Aesthetics Applications

    • Botox injections

    • Filling applications

    • chemical peeling

    • laser treatments

  4. Skin Care and Health

    • Skin type analysis

    • Skin care basics

    • Skin aging and prevention methods

  5. Anatomy and Physiology

    • anatomy of the face

    • Muscle and nerve structure

    • needle technique

  6. Risks and Complications

    • Possible side effects

    • Healing processes

    • Situations requiring urgent intervention

  7. Patient Counseling and Communication

    • Understanding patient needs

    • Creating a good patient relationship

    • Business ethics and privacy

  8. Application Techniques

    • Needle technique and injection sites

    • Correct filling applications

    • Use of laser devices

  9. Legislation and Licensing

    • Laws regulating medical aesthetic practices

    • Licensing and certification requirements

    • Ethical responsibilities

  10. Emerging Technology and Trends

    • New application techniques and products

    • Latest developments in the market

    • The future of the medical aesthetics industry

  11. Practical Application and Clinical Experience

    • Clinical rotations

    • Patient studies and applications

    • Internship and practical application opportunities

  12. Success Stories and Job Opportunities

    • Career paths of medical aesthetics graduates

    • Strategies for opening a clinic or finding a job

    • Experiences of business professionals

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