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  • The zygomatic line, which is the main carrier line of our face, and the fat pads located in the mid-face area. As we age, our face loses some volume. Melting of the fat pads in the cheekbones and mid-face area causes our face to fall downwards. This results in the deepening of our nasolabial lines and the formation of bulldog folds. In addition, the triangular and oval structure of our face disappears and a more square face appearance emerges.

  • Zygomatic and mid-face fillers, which are generally one of the most common reasons for application by our patients, are a type of filler that must be designed very well. The front and back zygomatic lines should be created very proportionally. Otherwise, it may cause disproportionality on people's faces. Filling application to this area allows our face to lift up again and restores the nasolabial lines to their former form. It also helps to tighten the sagging that occurs in the lower part of our face. Zygomatic filler creates what has recently been called Hollywood cheeks and makes people's blush lines clear. This creates an attractive and impressive facial form.

  • Before the procedure, a doctor's examination must be performed and the amount and method of the filler to be applied must be designed to meet the patient's expectations. A control examination should be planned on the 15th day after the procedure and the missing areas should be completed.

  • After the procedure, which takes 5-10 minutes, our patients immediately see the difference, and the increase in collagen synthesis triggered by this treatment method also increases the duration of permanence.

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