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  • Lips are the structures that play a key role in the golden ratio on the face. Also, the person It also affects your attractiveness. It is believed that lips that are full, symmetrical, with everted edges and clear contours look aesthetic. Lips with aging Vigor and lip volume also decrease. In some people, lips may be naturally thin and inverted. Correct filler application can reverse this situation and create attractive, distinct and natural lips.

  • By combining the patient's expectations and the practitioner's experience, minimum The amount of filler should be acted on with the principle of maximum effect. Lip filling procedure It should generally be done in two stages, small filling additions should be made during control, thus Lips with a more natural appearance should be created. Lip filler
    In the application, more than 1 ml should not be applied at a time, especially the lip volume.
    In patients who want to increase it further, repeat application after 2-3 months if necessary. should be planned.

  • Although the application takes a total of 15 minutes, local anesthesia is applied before the procedure.Lips should be anesthetized with creams. Edema lasting 3-5 days after the procedure is observed. Therefore, there should be no concern. The filler used is used for 12 months It remains in the tissue, and as a result of repeated procedures, less filler is removed compared to the first application. The same effect is achieved with the amount of

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