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  • The nose is located in the center of the face and is one of the structures that changes facial expression the most. Asymmetries in the nose are eliminated by non-surgical methods such as filling. The fact that nasal filling is less invasive than surgery provides great advantages. The patient can return to daily life much faster after a procedure of approximately 30 minutes. In addition, the collapse that occurs after nose operations does not occur after filling.

  • Post-operative edema, which persists for up to 1 year in patients, heals in as little as 1 week after nasal filling. Another advantage is that if the image obtained after the operation is not satisfactory to the patient, it is almost impossible to return it, whereas this is not the case with fillers.

  • When hyaluronic acid-containing filler is applied to appropriate areas with the appropriate technique, excellent results are obtained without the need for surgery.

  • Nasal filling is performed comfortably within 15 minutes, with minimal pain, after local anesthesia creams are applied to the area to be treated.

  • The permanence period of the procedure varies between 8-15 months depending on the filler used. When nose fillers are applied by professional hands to nose types with an arch structure when viewed from the side, very high satisfaction levels are achieved. After the procedure, minor swelling and redness in the application area disappear within about a week and become smoother.

  • The nose filling process may be permanent if repeated several times.

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