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  • The chin area differs between men and women. An oval-looking, soft and voluminous chin is very important for a lively and harmonious facial appearance in women. It is very important for men to have a more angular, distinct and sharply defined chin. Some changes that occur congenitally or with aging may cause this appearance to disappear. With aging, the skin and cheek fat tissues sag and the saturation under the chin disappears. And the angle with the submandibular tissue changes. Filling both mariaonette lines and under the chin allows the jawbone to shape forward and create a more beautiful appearance.

  • The tip of the jaw is under the influence of the muscles that pull the lip down. Contraction of these muscles creates an uneven appearance on the chin skin surface. Applying Botox to these muscles will maximize the effect of the filler and cause the pebble appearance there to disappear. As a result, combining chin filler with botox will allow us to get much better results.

  • The filling process is completed within 10-15 minutes after skin cleaning and disinfection and anesthesia. It is a painless and comfortable procedure. The patient can quickly return to his/her daily life after the procedure.

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